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50 Second Firestorm 4/1
63 shots total beginning with vertical strobing tipped peonies to strobing tipped color peonies with..
Bad Omen 4/1
Move B!#$H get out the way, looks like curiosity killed the cat! 25 Shots – Fan formation of g..
Bella's Box 4/1
Every now and then OMG Fireworks will show off their softer side. This beautiful 25 shot colorful fa..
Cemetary Gates 4/1
Welcome to our world where our gatekeepers will keep a close eye on you as we lay you down to sleep...
Crazy Karen 4/1
Every neighborhood has a crazy Karen nearby… This is sure to bring them out of their houses! ..
DOS Attack 4/1
At first glance you see a geek, a bookworm, a computer nerd, the little guy…. but never under..
Drunken Text 4/1
3 finger Joe don’t hold his liquor very well! WTF is he trying to say?! 16 sh..
Genetically Modified 4/1
OMG Joe has done it again but this time he created something not of this world! Red comet tail blast..
Got That Thang 4/1
I told you once bro, don’t touch me! Now you got hit with 21 shots: Green strobe min..
Happy Campers 4/1
What in the meths going on in here! Never mind the funny smells and random smoke rings jus..
Hey Georgie 4/1
Hey Georgie, wanna see some good pyro? They say everything floats down here but come join me and I&r..
Hold My Beer 4/1
Every party has that “one guy”! 16 shots: silver glitter tails rise to ..
Holy Shit 4/1
Step aside and let OMG Fireworks show you how to contain the demons! 45 shots - Red comet tail ..
Horn Pub 4/1
Welcome to the pub where anything goes! Make sure you’re a good tipper or you will&n..
I Got This 4/1
Insane Asylum 4/1
Breaking news - OMG Joe has escaped the sanitarium, He is now on a mission to revolutionize firework..
Look What I Can Do 4/1
Joe is at it again with something new! 16 shots: Three-layer effects! Cra..
Nationwide Impact 4/1
As OMG Fireworks embarks on this new journey the shockwaves will be felt across the globe with 9 pre..
OMG-19 4/1
After escaping the insane asylum, Joe is now on a mission to infect the world with a new virus! The ..
Sinister Chemistry 4/1
Just stand back and watch…. A little bit of this, a little dab of that and&nbs..
The Angry Dragon 4/1
The latest from OMG Fireworks ALL NEW Shocker Series! Looks like Joe pissed off another one! 20..
The Cleveland Steamer 4/1
OCF0048  ..
The Conjuring 4/1
Don't summon the devil, don't call the priests, If you need the strength. Then conjur..
The Dirty Sanchez 4/1
The latest from OMG Fireworks ALL NEW Shocker Series! Dont say we didnt warn you about Mr. Sanchez. ..
The Firequackers 4/1
These OMG guys are at it again! Bringing you 20 Vertical shots - Gold to blue mines with golden spid..
The Pyrocist 4/1
At first you called the doctor, then a psychiatrist but then you realized there are greate..
The Pyrogeist 4/1
You have just stumbled upon something from another realm… to her it’s another..
The Rusty Trombone 4/1
The latest from OMG Fireworks ALL NEW Shocker Series!  WOW! What a beautiful trombone you ..
The Shit 4/1
OMG Joe is at it again, even when he’s on the toilet he is shitting good fireworks! 30 shots o..
Winds Of Change 4/1
Professional color changing effects!   The effects of this cake are bigger than most caniste..