About OMG Fireworks

The initial concept of OMG Fireworks began in mid-2018 with idea that many industry leaders such as manufacturers, brokers, factories, and brands were missing the mark with generic Chinese stock graphics and mediocre products and performances. Being we are hardcore fireworks enthusiast ourselves; we know exactly what our customers want because we have taken the time to get to know them over the years and we have been listening. Now here is where political correctness ends, and the realness begins...

By 2019 we had finally had enough of seeing the same ole same ole being imported into the United States from China so we took on the task of hiring graphics designers from around the world joining our team on the common goal to create some of the most aggressive, eye-catching, subliminal and diabolical graphics concepts to ever hit the fireworks industry. A quick stop over to the trademark attorney and OMG Fireworks was born!

So, what's next? By late 2019 it was now time to get our asses off the couch and head to Liuyang China (the epicenter of the fireworks industry) to get stuff done! At first we were told NO you cannot do this or do that and with much negotiating and not willing to take no for an answer we are just beginning to break the mold on many of the products, designs and concepts within the fireworks industry that have not changed in the last 50+ years!

All of our products are created collectively with our team here in the US from the initial name, design concept to the product performance then passed onto our partners in China to do their part where we monitor production closely through daily communications and very strict guidelines to assure our products will arrive to the US exactly the way we intend them to be. The core of OMG Fireworks is to push the limits in every way they can be pushed with no boundaries and nothing off limits while ensuring the quality, performance and effects become synonymous with the name OMG Fireworks.