65s It Must Be Aliens

Brand: OMG Fireworks
Product Code: OMG0005

65s It Must Be Aliens

Brocade crown with green strobe to gold chrysanthemum, red blue with white strobe, brocade crown to gold crown with red and brocade to crown gold crown with green, brocade crown to gold crown with crackle.

Shots: 65
Duration:  42 sec
Direction: Fan
Piece Weight: 12.9 lbs
Piece UPC: 786899502374
Case Weight: 26.10 lbs
Case UPC: 786899502381
Ignition Method: Visco Fuse And Port

For Professional Use Only - Not For Consumer Sale. 1.4G - UN0336 Articles Pyrotechnic for Technical Purpose Only, In order to purchase these items, we will need a copy of your state shooter's certificate, PGI Display Operators Course certificate, or another verifiable license or certificate demonstrating a professional knowledge of fireworks.

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