OMG Crackers 8,000 Roll 2/8000

Brand: OMG Fireworks
Product Code: OCF0013

Purple, purple and more purple! These high quality firecrackers by OMG Fireworks has broken the mold of everything you ever knew about firecrackers!

Starting with a very high quality label is only the beginning. All bricks and wheels of our OMG Crackers are all wrapped in a durable heat shrinked plastic wrap and not the thin glassine wrapper that always breaks open before you get home.

As you tear away the outer shrink wrap you will see the very attractive purple reflective foil and next you will see that each pack or belt of OMG Crackers is wrapped in a purple tissue paper.

Last but not least, each and every OMG Cracker is manufactured using purple kraft paper and not the old traditional red paper that every other brand on the planet is using is what makes OMG Crackers stand out from the crowd.... And by the way they are pretty darn good crackers too!